• The UK Leads The Way In Artificial Grass Sales In 2015

    UK Leads The Way In Artificial Grass Sales

    UK artificial grassThe weather at the start of 2016 has left many people looking to spend as much time indoors away from the cold, wind and rain. It won’t be long before spring rolls around and the weather (hopefully) improves but the impact that the weather can have on a garden means that many people will be wondering how to make the most of their garden in 2015.

    However, if sales figures for 2015 are anything to go by, an increasing number of homeowners will be unconcerned about the impact of the weather on their garden. This is down to the fact that artificial grass sales in the United Kingdom are booming and it is easy to see why. The appearance of artificial grass has improved significantly in recent times, encouraging many homeowners to make the switch to this style of lawn. People that are looking for an appealing and stylish garden now realise that an artificial lawn gives them consistency and confidence all year round. The fact that this look can be achieved without any work is a major plus point for most homeowners.

    Companies are reacting to a rise in demand for quality grass

    The rise in demand for artificial grass has seen a number of companies rise to the challenge of offering great artificial grass alongside great customer service. In a competitive industry, small issues can make a big difference and there is evidence to suggest that companies that provide their customers with more receive more sales in return. This artificial grass London company say that they have trebled their turnover in the last 24 months and with the rise in demand for artificial turf, it is easy to how a successful company can achieve these results.

    UK quality artificial grass

    When it comes down to the benefits of artificial grass, there are three main areas that usually provide the impetus for people to switch to this style of grass. The three key areas are:

    • Lifestyle and a desire for ease of use
    • Consideration of environmental issues
    • Specific circumstances such as children or pets

    You can see why the elderly would benefit from installing artificial grass in their garden as opposed to having to tend the lawn on a regular basis. Similarly, as a nation we appear to be busier than ever before, which limits the amount of free time that people have to tend to their garden. If you don’t have the time available to ensure your garden looks great, it is best to invest in a garden solution that always looks great, regardless of how much time you devote to it.

    Artificial grass removes the need to use lawn mowers, some of which offer up carbon emissions which impact on the environment and there is no need to use fertilisers.

    There is also the added bonus of a safe environment for children and pets, coupled with the fact that animals and youngsters will be unable to churn up the grass by playing on it in inclement weather conditions.

    There will always be an argument for natural grass but with people lacking time, effort, energy and skills to care for a garden in the manner that they would hope to do, it is clear to see why artificial grass is becoming such a popular choice in the United Kingdom.

  • 5 reasons why you may consider an artificial grass roof garden


    In modern times, everything is fast-paced. Nobody has the time to sit back and think about things. They all want things immediately. Same is the case with artificial grass. Everybody is seeking beauty, but do not want to invest their limited time in planting and then maintaining grass. Thankfully, there is now the option of artificial grass.

    So what are the benefits of an artificial grass roof garden? Let us take a look at some of the reasons listed below:

    •  The first benefit can be as suited to lifestyle and the ease of use. With everyone’s life becoming extremely busy, nobody has the time to plant grass. Mowing the lawn can take at least 2 to 3 hours a week, that too a normal size garden. Imagine if you have an enormous roof garden. Your whole week will be spent maintaining the garden. Therefore, artificial grass would be extremely feasible for older people who just don’t have enough energy to look after it. The second group would be the holiday home owners who cannot always be there to look after their lawns.
    • The second benefit is the environmental benefits. Restrictions on hose pipes can easily destroy a natural lawn, but in the case of artificial glass, it will not be affected.
    • Artificial grass actively helps in preserving the environment. It not only reduces the use of water, but there are no carbon emissions from petrol or diesel driven lawn mowers. No fertilizers are needed to maintain this artificial grass. Lastly, the pollution from water run off which carries chemicals into the drains is also heavily minimized.
    •  Artificial laws are used for various circumstances because of its durability such as dog runs. This is because it cannot easily be dug up, it is easy to clean, and there will be no signs of muddy paw prints. This is why this has become such a favorite for dogs. It is also very feasible for those roof gardens in which actual grass cannot be supported. The artificial grass will fill in very nicely and you won’t even have to worry about the grass clippings.
    •  An artificial grass roof garden will also be beneficial for high wear and tear areas. This is especially true if you have children at home. With constant usage, there may be parts of the garden where grass would not be growing properly. This sill result in bald patches and mud being spread everywhere. By carefully laying the artificial grass, it can blend in with the surrounding features and also easily overcome this problem.

    However, there are certain things which should be kept in mind when considering an artificial grass roof garden. Some artificial grass need an infill, which is usually rubber or sand crumb. But, you can also purchase artificial grass which does not require an infill. Sometimes, the task may not be as easy as you would have anticipated. For that, you might need to hire a roofer to get the job done for you.

  • Why select block paving driveways?

    Installing a brand new driveway? Then select block paving for a durable, enticing end – establish a lot of here.
    Block paving 1st became standard in the 1980′s, however in the past there were a really restricted selection of designs and colours. Easy designs and some totally different colours were as exciting as it got! but, since the marketplace for block paving driveways has fully grown and therefore the producing business has advanced, thus too have the choices.

    Top 3 Block Paving Resources we use.

    1) NEPG – Superb company for block paving in Newcastle

    2) Paving and Driveways Leeds – Quality Leeds Block Paving Contractors

    3) When we are stuck we grab someone off the Marshalls Driveways register 

    Now You Need to Choose What You Want.

    What material should I use?

    The choice comes all the way down to concrete or clay, and each have their benefits and drawbacks. Below is a list of the pros and cons for each Concrete block paving:

    •  Cheap
       Lots of shapes to decide on from
       Textured blocks out there
       Accurate size
       Lots of alternative once it involves block depth
       Colour fades over time
       Aggregate can be exposed a time long
       will last for concerning twenty years
      Clay blocks paving:
       high-priced
       Very hard-wearing
       Natural colours don’t fade
       Patterns are obtainable
       Prone to bryophyte growth
       usually come back solely in sq. or rectangular shapes
       Harder to chop
       more restricted selection with block depth
       will last for extended

    What colour should I opt for?

    The colour of your drive is kind of vital and you may wish it to mix in together with your house and therefore the rest of its surroundings. There’s no definitive guide to choosing a decent colour scheme, because it will vary from drive to drive. consider the immediate surroundings, if you have got a light-weight stone house would a red block paving driveway go ? Similarly would a blue block paving driveway keep company with a red brick house? Typically the foremost eminent appearance mixes some colours that complement one another, rather than looking for precise carbon copies or on stark contrasts.

    What style ought I choose ?

    Again, think about your surroundings. If you reside in a very rural setting in, say, an eighteenth century house then a contemporary, chamfered block pave drive would most likely look a tad eccentric. For a drive to suit in not solely with the house but its surroundings too, spare a bit considered what sort of paving you choose. Blocks and bricks are often placed into the subsequent four style categories:

     Standard rectangular
     Tumbled
     Decorative
     Special applications

    What shape would be best?

    Britain has continuously been an exponent of the rectangular look but several different places around Europe use a range of various shapes. Rectangles have been around forever, thus perhaps you wish one thing to a small degree more up to this point and one thing you don’t see on each street? There are a variety of different shapes of block paving for you to decide on from, a number of the foremost common are the W-blocks and therefore the S-blocks; “toothed” shapes have a better degree of rotational interlock which means they’re ready to stand a lot of heavier traffic than plain previous rectangular blocks.

    How much will a block paving drive cost?

    For a more correct plan of the prices involved contact a number of native paving firms. They be able to pop out and provides you an estimate, furthermore as guide you through the varied belongings you got to think about. If you’re shopping for the materials yourself then head to an enormous DIY store if you wish low cost and cheerful, you’ll bit up basic rectangular concrete blocks from regarding £8 to £10 per square metre. Tumble or formed concrete blocks price a bit more, typically between £12 and £20 per square metre. Clay blocks value the foremost and can value £25 and per square metre.

  • How to lay Artificial Grass?

    lay artificial grass

    Here are the ten steps to putting in an artificial grass lawn. To make it simple to do, follow every step and take care of every detail and don’t make any short cuts.


    1. Clear any existing grass or vegetation on  for the turf – spray a weed killer or grass blocker  to confirm that no vegetation can grow beneath the turf space in the future. We recommends weed textile. If necessary, do this step a fair few days before installation to make sure you removed all weeds.

    2. Once you’re prepared, apply crushed stone mixture or broken granite – You can purchase this at any rock yard or building offer warehouse.

    3. Once the crushed stone is applied, you may need to the bottom layer is as level as to be required – A water sod roller could also be helpful for this step. They’re out there for rental at the most locations.

    NOTE: it’s important to recollect that the turf are going to be applied on high of this crushed stone base, therefore any undulation on the surface are going to be visible once the factitious turf has been applied. It’s additionally vital to recollect that the crushed stone can aid within the emptying properties of the system,so that a small slope is usually recommended for correct emptying however not necessary.

    4. Once the crushed mixture is aligned and leveled – use a landscape fabric that will last as long as the grass to prevent weeds underneath for 20 plus years.

    5. Once you’ve got arranged the weed barrier – roll out the artificial grass  in keeping with your space measurements.

    NOTE: it’s important to put the artificial grass with all grass fibers or blades getting into an equivalent direction to make sure that every one items of turf match up.
    *This step might not apply if you are doing multiple items or sections of turf.

    6. Create cuts within the turf employing a customary carpet or box knife to suit the turf to desired space. – you’re primarily cutting the turf to make the precise form of your space, therefore the fewer items of turf used the better; this can eliminate seaming items along.

    In the event you would like to seam the turf along we tend to suggest a 44″-6″ indoor / outside carpet seaming tape or 6” landscape staples.

    7. Currently you’re able to attach the turf to your base. – To connect the turf to the bottom use 6″ galvanized nails. Drive within the nails 1/2″ to 1″ from the turf edge and each 4″ to 6″ on the turf perimeter.

    Start at one facet of the applying space so that you can  pull the turf tight from the opposite facet. This method is that the most significant, because your turf is hooked up firmly and properly. Drive within the nails round the perimeter of the world. Install nails 2′ to 4′ feet within the middle. This ensures that the fabric is correctly fastened to the bottom. Remember, the nails hold the sides of the turf in site, where as the infill can truly weigh the fabric down.

    8. you would like to fluff the grass up with a rake or power broom so the infill will be applied.

    9. The ultimate step is to feature the infill material. – The grass will roughly require  2 lbs of infill material per sq ft of turf. you may need to equally apply the infill material on high of the turf with a drop spreader; if you do not have a drop spreader you’ll screw by hand however this method are going to be longer intense.

    lay artificial grass

    We recommend just simple kill and dry sand available from all local DIY stores  This can be a 1 time application.

    10. Brush the Sand: Using a hard brush simply brush against the pile until all the sand is evenly distributed throughout the lawn. This will help keep the pile stand up straight.

    NOTE: it’s important to form certain that you simply brush the infill material against the grain of the turf; this enables the infill to figure it’s tanks to the bottom of the fibers properly. This is the final step; you need to brush within the infill equally so that its look is consistent.

    A simple check to form certain it’s even is to steer over the turf and your feet can tell you if it’s even or not. Work the infill within the turf till desired look is achieved. Once the infill is put in. There is no need to add any further for the lifetime of your grass.

    Its always a good idea to hose down straight after not only to take the dust of the sand off the surface but it will help weight the lawn down quicker.

  • Can you install Artificial Grass Yourself?

    install artificial Grass

    Are you a bit of a DIY person? As long as you follow our simple guide to laying your very own artificial lawn then you cant go wrong.

    Temporary installation

    Ensure the surface you’re covering is clean. You’ll apply a self-leveling compound which is able to take away surface imperfections that may be a notably smart plan if the pile of grass you’re plating is incredibly low like life-style.

    Solid or permanent base

    1. Ensure the surface you’re covering is clean. You’ll apply a self-leveling compound which is able to take away surface imperfections that may be a notably smart plan if the pile of grass you’re plating is incredibly low.

    2. Lay the grass onto the chosen surface. Enable around 50mm of grass on both sides of the trim to take off to make sure on edge. To settle, leave it there for about 2-3 hours which is able to stop it wrinkling or creasing.

    3. Cut and trim your artificial grass, Using a sharp blade against a straight edge to remove waste and trim

    4. joining the grass together , A strong outdoor paper and glue will be required to run through the middle where the 2 grass’s  will meet. If you have got a picket surface, like decking or suspended floor boards, you’ll use a mix of adhesive and carpet tacks to mend the grass down.

    5. If your grass wants AN infill, Using kill and dry sand spread evenly and brushing against the pile.

    Stone and sand base

    1. Make sure the levels and heights are correct , and also the height of the materials you’ll be putting in (including layers of geo textile weed barrier, sub-base then on).

    2. Take up the grass sod, either by hand for little spaces or use a turf cutter if it’s an over sized area, and probably conjointly eliminate some soil relying upon the peak of your prime soil. Never build your base on surface soil.

    3. Compact the bottom using a vibratory plate or roller (you will rent these at a decent building merchants)

    4. Spray weed killer then place down a geo-textile weed barrier on to top of the compacted area

    5. If you’re using a timber border, place this in site currently. Make sure it is not beyond the  grass line in order that you do not hinder the water run-off.

    6.Place down a minimum of 75mm of reduced fine type-one stone combination. Compact this with the vibratory plate or roller.

    7.Using either a layer of a finer stone of between 6mm and 14mm combination or a rough sand, lay your chosen material to a depth of between 20mm and 40mm. Compact with the vibratory plate or roller and prime up as you wish to, to attain your required level.

    install artificial Grass

    8. Lay the grass on prime of the sand (rather than dragging it on, which is able to damage your leveling work on the base).

    9. Cut and trim your artificial grass, Simply with a sharp knife and a straight edge to cut against

    10. To create the joins,using a high-quality out door tape and glue , follow the directions on the product. If you have got a picket surface, like decking or suspended floor boards, you’ll need to use a mix of adhesive and carpet tacks to mend the grass down.

    11. If your grass wants AN infill, like life-style field, use a kiln-dried/silica sand and apply it on a dry day!

    12. Brush the infill equally, ensuring you do not over-fill the surface. The sand can compact, thus you will have to be compelled to add a final layer at the top of your installation.


  • Artificial Lawns better than real lawns?

    How to design a Garden using Synthetic Turf

    Can’t decide between real or fake? There are so many advantages such as low maintenance, less ongoing costs compared to normal grass, and less mess, such as divots, rocks and mud.

    On top of this, it can look amazing all year round your garden. We have here our sample of the best landscape designs using artificial grass:

    If you reside in a neighborhood with restricted natural rain or wherever water is distributed, artificial turf is associate environmentally accountable manner of enjoying your out of doors area whereas minimizing your use of natural resources.

    Pros and cons of artificial turf artificial turf have come back an extended manner in recent years, and makers have developed variety of how of constructing artificial turf look additional just like the real McCoy. Learn additional regarding once to decide on artificial turf.

    Pro: as a result of no water, mowing, fertilizer, or blighter management is needed, the long prices related to artificial turf square measure low. All you wish to try  is often use a blower to get rid of any trash.

    Con: putting in artificial turf prices regarding doubly the maximum amount as putting in a sod field with sprinklers. For this reason, many folks use artificial turf to form field areas solely within the places wherever they arrange on amusing, walking, or truly mistreatment the field.

    Pro: Artificial turf won’t develop spots or vacant patches because of pet pee, and is a smaller amount at risk of dig or injury from dogs. additionally, improvement up pet messes may be a easy matter on artificial turf since it drains well and might be washed simply.

    How to design a Garden using Synthetic Turf

    Con: The nylon or compound wont to build artificial grass will heat up within the sunshine, which might be painful on Fido’s paws. Artificial turf is most pet-friendly once it’s within the shade.

    Pro: Trees will simply be planted among artificial turf. Though you’ll have to be compelled to produce a tree ring with irrigation and no base rock, trees can grow superbly encircled by artificial grass. in contrast, trees will cause a challenge to the health of living turf grass.

    Con: whereas artificial turf is changing into additional lovely once a year, it still doesn’t look like 100 percent a dead ringer for a living field. once considering artificial turf, it’s an honest plan to look at samples from multiple makers to decide on the one that appears best to you.

    Professional Tip: once mistreatment artificial turf, detain mind that the fabric comes in rolls that square measure primarily terribly long, skinny rectangles. For a circular area you can continue to get the corners you narrow off.” whereas regarding ten to fifteen waste is factored into the value of installation, uncommon shapes or curves might increase the value.

  • 20 Free Tips on Landscaping a Garden in the UK

    Landscaping a Garden

    There’s nothing like disbursement time in associate degree passing beautiful garden! A blooming space celebrates nature, soothes the soul and evokes ability. Public gardens unit of measurement choked with fascinating vogue selections, but once it involves springing up with a garden reception, the possibilities can seem overwhelming. of late we’ve got some answers! From very good landscaping ideas to distinctive garden choices, we’ve collected the best decisions for a nature-filled space that produces an effect.

    Flower Gardens

    Terraced Flowerbeds


    Colorful blossoms unit of measurement a illustration of latest life. Whereas planting flowers feels like use, why cultivate a locality that sounds like every completely different garden? Attempt terraced flowerbeds, that provide layers of landscaping decisions. Higher yet–mix blooms with fascinating foliage for a up to date result, as shown inside the image below.

    Log Border flower bed


    Stones, concrete and horizontal picket beams unit of measurement common flower bed borders, but what regarding vertical logs? typically injecting to a little degree of the shocking delights the senses. the height of the border and conjointly the silver-white hue of the wood unit of measurement two conspicuous reasons to permit this idea a try!

    A Rocky garden


    Speaking of peculiar, the uneven garden below combines low-lying blooms, lush vegetation and substantial rocks to make a feast for the eyes.

    Floral Containers


    Don’t forget the power of a stimulating instrumentality. The flowers below unit of measurement associate assortment of created tones, but their careful arrangement can be a piece of art. Surprise yourself with some intentional planting and watch as your floral sculpture involves life.

    Garden foliage

    Sculpted Shrubs


    Trimmed hedges evoke the magic of associate English garden. For a twist on this classic technique, attempt planting the shrubs within the flowerbeds, then tame them into sphere-like forms for a recent look that’s packed with charm.

    Greenery Meets Color


    Another way to feature surprise to a garden is through distinction. Choose red-leafed plants for choice, and surround them with foliage to form their color pop.

    Eye-Catching Trellises


    Oh, the sweetness of a vine-filled trellis! Whereas lined with flowers for a vicinity of the year, this garden attentiveness is most often pure inexperienced in color. Enhance its rife look by strategically planting associate assortment of grasses and shrubs inside the world around it. The result: a natural paradise choked with varied reminder green!

    Cascading Vegetation


    For texture and length, add “Silver Falls” vascular plant to your garden. Not only can it operate a silvery ground cowl, it’s simply irresistible hanging from a tall perch. Global organization agency says a sparkling falls must be liquid?

    A Garden inexperienced


    While many yards have a minimum of a patch of field, few elegantly frame the world in associate degree passing manner that calls attention to the grass itself. Inside the image below, associate degree occasional border of bricks and plants elegantly surrounds the sector, creating a true “green.” A garden sculpture becomes a stately oddity throughout this setting.

    Garden Pathways

    Grid Path


    Pathways turn out movement throughout the garden. Taking the time to form these walkways as beautiful as they are purposeful enhances an outdoor space. Instead of inserting concrete tiles aspect by aspect, leave some house in between the stones, as shown below. The result is a grid result that becomes lush once crammed in with grass.

    Plant and Stone Pathways


    If stepping stones lead garden-goers through dirt rather than grass, attempt filling the world in between with low-lying plants. Although they spill over onto the stones, the following mounds of vegetation unit of measurement visually stunning. Plants aren’t the only real pathway fillers… Add some rocks to the mix! Pebbles can turn out a up to date look, notably once combined with rectangular path tiles and sprout-like grasses.

    Footpath as flower bed


    What if your garden ways in which were framed as purposefully as a result of the flowerbeds? Creating borders for a path makes participating tiles even plenty of distinguished, notably once the stone is dark and enveloped with white pebbles. The best part: You don’t need to mow or fertilize these outside pathways!

    Boxwood Borders


    Another way to stipulate a garden path involves the employment of hedges. Boxwood can be a hardy border plant of choice. Instead of creating straight lines along side your walkways, cultivate them to open onto wider resting areas, as shown below. The boxwood can then curve in response, creating geometric interest.

    Garden Seating

    Simple Seating


    Gardens unit of measurement quiet places of contemplation, and naught promotes this thoughtfulness variety of a hospitable place to require a seat. Don’t hesitate to remain it simple! A block of concrete becomes a up to date bench inside the image below.

    Tree Trunk Seating


    Solid. Natural. Unexpected. There is power inside the sturdy statement of a bole, notably once organized around a picket table for cluster seating decisions.

    Curved Benches


    While a bench product of stacked stone may be a good resting place, its distinctive curve is what commands attention below. Encompassing areas are as important as seating itself, notably once a geometrically pleasing sanctuary takes center stage.

    Outdoor feeding


    Sometimes seating involves eating! Produce outside feeding areas appealing with clean, flat surfaces rather like the slatted furnishings below. Add privacy with tall bamboo, and don’t forget the intrigue of sculptural elements!

    Water choices

    Tropical pool


    Water choices unit of measurement a relaxing presence inside the garden. Deciding where and therefore the thanks to place in them can take rife thought and careful springing up with. Admit the world itself, the type of encompassing vegetation involved, and what is wise for a few time and budget. Below, an oblong, up to now pool enhances lush tropical plants.

    Boxed pool on a inexperienced


    There is therefore one factor powerfully simple some boxy pool, notably once enveloped by manicured hedges and an ideal inexperienced field.

    Square Koi pool


    Reinforce the shape of your pool by planting a fragile boxwood border around the perimeter. For an extra bit, add a basin or completely different statuesque item inside the middle of the water feature, as shown inside the koi pool image below.

  • Why you might need a block paving contractor when installing artificial grass

    block paving

    block pavingYou may ask yourself why would this be relevant why do you need an experienced block paver to help install you the artificial grass. There are many reasons for this and we have listed them for you to follow so it will help you choose the right company to help the transformation of your garden to a low maintenance eye catching great all year round garden.

    What is there now?

    What is down at the moment the most common jobs will be replacing real turf with the artificial turf. What happens when it’s not what about when you want to replace your current driveway with the artificial grass. There is also things like concrete drives and back yards to consider. Who do you trust to break this away correctly with the correct equipment and experience. That’s when it is important to consider having a block paver working alongside to help assist with the job, after all who is better than a block paving contractor who do this daily and know all the regulations required and will also be able to spot anything in advance that could be affected.

    What about edging and boarders?

    Many people aren’t so luck where the artificial grass is been laid will not sit flush with a patio, wall or perhaps a fence. This is where an edging is required, but like with artificial grass there is a vast choice to choose from. The most popular being a block boarder as it not only looks stunning but will last years. This again would require the assistance of a block paving contractor not just because its blocks to be laid, but this is where you as a customer can create something very unique. As you will be well aware there is a number of different colour, style, shape and size. Not only that but you can become very creative and design a pattern around the artificial grass so it keeps it different to every other block boarder. Who would you trust to help with this; it’s not really a job that somebody with very limited block paving experience would be great for. To create this you need a paving contractor who has the experience, skills and a fountain of knowledge to undertake your project.

    Different Levels

    This is sorely the reason why many companies hire block paving contractors to assist with jobs. It is very important not only to dig to the right level but also consider the lay of the land. Does your garden for instance slope is there many bumps and humps throughout the garden especially after breaking up concrete. When it comes to installing artificial grass it is very similar to laying a new driveway. There must be a perfect flat surface to work with. A block paving contractor will now all this like the back of his hand and can probably do it in their sleep. This is why it has become very popular to hire paving contractors to help with the transformation. The ideal solution is to get it right on day one not be fixing it and a later date.

    That little bit extra

    When you first start to plan your transformation you always want to add as much colour and decorative ideas in there as possible. A great idea is always a small patio in any shape, style or colour that the grass will sit flush with. This creates a place to sit, add plant pots or even entertain. To do this do you really want different companies in and out your garden with conflicting designs and methods. What you really want is one company to help design and then transform it into a reality. This can only be done with the correct methods, equipment and most importantly the knowledge and know how. For more on this trade its here

    These are all the reason why paving contractors are very important in helping with all artificial grass transformations.